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  1. Eureka, Zuul, and Cloud Configuration - Pivotal Cloud Foundry Example and explanation of how to set up a common use case with the Spring Cloud Netflix stack within a PCF deployment. Categories:   Java    Spring    Annotations    Spring Boot    Pivotal Cloud Foundry   
  2. Draft ✭ ✭ ✭ We The Few Critical Team Composition For Day 2 Operations Categories:   Day 2 Operations    Org Transformation    Mission Critical Development    Continuous Fielding    Pivotal Cloud Foundry   
  3. Draft ⌒ ‿ Watching the Vapor Trail User Centric Design in the DOD Categories:   App Transformation    Org Transformation    Greenfield Development    Modernizing Legacy Workloads    Mission Critical Development    Continuous Fielding    Pivotal Cloud Foundry    User Centric Development   
  4. Draft (-0-0-) Eyes on Target Continuously Fielding Mission Driven Value Categories:   App Transformation    Modernization    Pivotal Cloud Foundry    Agile    Continuous Fielding    Mission Value   
  5. Continuous Market Disruption This blog post explores how enterprises can reduce waste and continuously experiment leading to the product evolution and effective use of CAPEX to realize the true ROI Value of cloud native with Pivotal. Categories:   App Transformation    Replatforming    Modernization    Pivotal Cloud Foundry    Cloud Native ROI Continuum    Agile    XP